even the kids don't believe me

by aeroplane pageant

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Considering the long tradition of American mythos and storytelling, they sought to create a story that was based upon a single lie, a single image: A man is swallowed up whole by a tiger and soon thereafter a new, insular, and fragmented world begins to flower. And that lie led to another lie, which leads to other lies, and those lies just crumble into even bigger lies...and now we're all lost.


released June 4, 2009



all rights reserved


aeroplane pageant New York, New York

Aeroplane Pageant is not a pop band all the time. But after fourteen months in a studio that sits directly under the rattle of the Wantagh train station and following fifteen years of brutal friendship, Aeroplane Pageant now introduces its latest effort: FLOAT ABOVE THE YARD (LP3). ... more

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Track Name: memory begins elsewhere
Swallowed up whole by a tiger,
Late last night, was it 3:34 in the morning?
No one home maybe the neighbors all want to sleep
But I’m here, I haven’t disappeared
Just not sure if any of this should hurt
And there’s no reason today to call an ambulance yet
As I think I hear more birds than before
Is that the traffic shuddering on by?
Outside the kids swing their lucky sticks
And there goes my mother holding out my only coat
Cheeks glassy-red, the blind-wind at her throat
Track Name: stars still pretty
I can’t find a face
I’m my best when I’m at rest
Nothing greets an open eye
That says this is how you are

Distance from the things
You once said, you just said
Everything strange wants to fade
Drifting today, tomorrow, always it has no weight

I can’t stay the same
I’m at rest when I’ve just left
Nothing sees any open eye
That says you should look away

Cry every kiss every lost fingertip
I go by…the taste of metal, gravity I guess
I just wish it didn’t mean this much

Picture everyone you know
Jumping in place all at once
Catch yourself mistaking now for so long…
When you were twice the size
The house you decided to lean against

Things and people, things with wings
Things that scream, things that won’t
Spin, spin, spinning out, the sky was always blue-black
Stars still pretty…as a matter of fact
I’ve haven’t forgotten a face in over a week
I plan not to again…

I can’t stay the same…
Track Name: and we go
Some silver wig some painted lips
And she almost did giggle with this, she said,
“Let’s hang a man and put him on the big blue TV.
This is all right by me as long as no one has to speak.”
And I believed in every bit of this
‘Cause she’s always what she said?

And we go…

And she might’ve apologized for the grass no longer being green
Went ahead and mentioned she was nervous no more…
We did our best but our smiles they went right for filthy floor
And it was only an hour ago she called up all her other lovers
To tell them she had thoughts of no other

And we go…

There are good times to be had in every town
People who love to get drunk and sing out loud
Me I keep my money hidden underneath the living room couch
In case I ever decide to set foot outside of this house…

She always wanted to know if there was ever someone else
Someone we should hide someone we shouldn’t have to know
Track Name: nobody gets hurt
So the spider crawls up to the fifth floor
Invited to witness a man and his mistress mixed up in conversation
Held together by the weather and warm bottle of champagne
Speaking in tongues their concerns lay with how things are slow to come undone

Nobody gets hurt
Nobody gets hurt
Nobody gets hurt, tonight

Up the stairs to where a boy stands up on the piano
He takes a piss on his own shadow, and then says, “I feel okay, now”
Suddenly the lights go low… okay now they go right back on
A week’s gone by everyone’s on their knees asking please for a longer vacation

Nobody gets hurt
Nobody gets hurt
Nobody gets hurt, tonight

So the spider goes to where the crowd has gathered, hands are clapping,
I fell out of my seat when the stars started barking, the dogs were talking
And even the building, the children they hadn’t looked the same, and now my love enjoys her pain
Shaking hands with everyone she meets but still she won’t say my name…
Nobody, nobody, nobody…

Down the stairs start again
…The spider goes, up the wall
Is there anything at all?
Finds a hole to hide his head
…Hurries again across the hall…
…Spins a web…it’s not just an empty bed
Track Name: even the kids don’t believe me
I never told you I’m almost lost every time,
Reminds me of the way I’ve felt, I feel on cool cold blue afternoons,
Or when I hear the radio reeling freely in some other room
I never told you…almost every time

I couldn’t tell if it was late in the afternoon
Or just the week before Christmas Eve
The snow at our backs, we’re both drunk
When you said to me, “Only a child doesn’t know it’s a child.”

But even the kids they don’t believe me…
They’re throwing rocks right through me…
Wake up you’re not dreaming…
There’s no bee’s nest swimming through your head
Even the kids can see right through this…

I’m in the closet trying on all of my old shoes
Waiting for someone to come by, say something of use…
I’m in the kitchen listening to the snow hit the ground
Hope to hell someone will tell me, “It’s okay you can go now.”
When somehow I’m always outside looking in at my old house
And I can hear myself whispering out loud, “Come back in now.”

Come back in now, come back in, come back in now
Come back in, come back now, come back in…
And if I spoke of the sun I wasn’t wrong…
Heart kept warm, heart keep warn on, I never told you…
Track Name: where to?
Should I be sad I’m not sad?
Can I be lonely I don’t know me?
Cars drone by, is this wandering?
The weather spits and then it shines
You’ve got no opinion, stay safe on your horizon
Where to, where’s every one going so quiet now…
I thought, as I left this house

Maybe it’s that lady screaming down street
She’s been looking for herself all week
When a cop shows up holding a beautiful birthday cake
Sings his song so perfectly then apologizes for the way he speaks.
Oh that’s not right, that can’t be right, that isn’t right?
I thought, and I thought and I thought

Maybe it’s the air, the light, the sun and quiet, you should finally try it…
Where two old friends finish dinner and then pretend to kiss
When she admits, “I think I’m good, I think,” puts two cigarettes to her lip.
He says, “I’m okay but I can’t stay unless we confess everything else.”
It’s nearly sunny could be any big day of beauty… I thought…
I thought, and thought as I left this house, I’m leaving now…
Track Name: see you at the circus (farrago)
Where you’re going to isn’t there…
Where you’re from has disappeared
Where you’ve been isn’t so clear
And what you’ve seen will be mirrored again
Seen with no end, a scene with no end…
Seen with no end, a scene with no end…
Seen with no end, a scene with no end…
Seen with no end, a scene with no end…
Track Name: i remember i think
Meet me in Chicago, find me in Toronto?
Tied down to a thought tied down to really what?
Stepped out for what seemed to be a minute
Slipped a bit looking for a proper exit
Slipped a bit looking for our exit…

New York sidewalk,
Sun sets faster from a parking lot
What once was a while stayed for a brief smile
Wake me up to find the time to cry a little
Wake me up to find the time I guess so

I remember I think
I remember I think

And I heard things
Move away from you
And I heard I wasn’t listening
And I heard things
Fit nicely into a shoe

I remember I think
Oh where to, where to?
Track Name: mouthful of flowers
Slow she goes has a mouthful of flowers
I said miss if you’ve got wings then you’ve got teeth too
And from her heart it does start and it will sing:
Even God has found happiness in this hell
And she can’t figure out which day it is today…
Blames her good mood on one more cloudless afternoon

Up and down
Up, up and down
Up and down
Up, up and down…
Track Name: end the impasse
Track Name: after the car crash
After the car crash I walked home
Found you looking through my window
You looked good without your shoes on
We took a walk it took us through to the afternoon
I held my tongue; some things are best left unsung
I had an idea of what it was to be a human
I had the sense of what it meant to be pleasant again…

We had breakfast you said, “I don’t remember crying.
Or even the last time when I felt like I could.
Oh, some things go on for too long.”
And I said, “I couldn’t agree with you anymore, any longer.”
So you bit my neck expecting me to thank you for this
When in came a phone call up out of Montreal
An old friend turned up cold and dry
Two holes the size of a dime left her in chest
And what’s worse is her face escapes my mind’s eye
So much for us foxing around
So much for us forgetting ourselves
So much for everything else

Some things go on
Some things they go on for too long

I had an idea of what it was and it went
I had the sense of what it meant and it left
I had the idea of what it was to be human
I had the idea of what I hadn’t been